What the Thunder Said

What the Thunder Said

She's sent to war to investigate a devastating new weapon.

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Author Walter Blaire

Walter Blaire writes science fiction stories about the Tachba, the Haphan Empire, and the interstellar CivGov in the Lines of Thunder Universe.

The Eternal Front

The eternal war is about to end... but not the way anyone wants.

Sethlan is an officer of the empire. He was raised from birth to fight in the trenches that span the continent: The Eternal Front.

Lucky Strike is an intelligent independent prospector ship. It wants colonization rights for the planet, but first it has to let the inhabitants knock themselves back to the stone age. Hanging in orbit, influencing both sides, it crafts the death of the world.

Sethlan sees his war changing but he can’t find the cause. Now the Eternal Front is on the brink of collapse, and its violence will spread like wildfire to ravage the entire planet.

Desperate, outclassed, and under suspicion from the imperial secret police, Sethlan frantically untangles the Lucky Strike’s plans. Along the way he stumbles across a hidden conspiracy — and a possible solution: a popular revolt against the empire itself.

It comes down to a choice Sethlan doesn’t want to make. He can betray a lifetime of service or he can watch his world burn.

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Lines of Thunder

He’s the only sane soldier on the eternal front… it’s enough to drive him mad.

Gole Naremsa is a raw recruit, new to the trenches of the eternal front. Despite a lifetime of training and a genetic inheritance that makes him a born warrior, it’s not what he expects.

Gole is tossed out of the troop train and into the real war. He’s surrounded by other soldiers just like him, all of them twitchy, impulsive, and deadly. Over the generations their genetic twisting has gone off the rails and turned into the Pollution. Now it howls in their blood for mayhem and violence, and it offers the worst advice.

The enemy wants to kill him — that’s to be expected. The Pollution wants to fight everyone in sight — business as usual. The problem is that Gole’s own sergeant wants him dead too. One blindly thrown punch, one minor accident with a noisy corpse, and now he’s an example for all the other recruits.

As one of the old-timers says: “A fresh, dumb replacement can give service exceeding his value if you plink him at the right time, in front of the right audience. The Pollution sits up and takes notice, if you follow my meaning.”

It’s shaping up to be a race between who will kill Gole first: the increasingly dangerous enemy or his own unit. At least the enemy isn’t rude about it.

Gole needs to stop inventing new ways to get in trouble. He needs to navigate his sanity-challenged unit and understand the harsh world of the eternal front. He needs to do this soon, because the enemy has a big trick up its sleeve, and only Gole seems to see it coming…

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